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The Carbondale Technology Transfer Center operates a fully functional small business incubator, which is divided into Office (Technology Users), Light Industry, Mixed-Use, Kitchen, and Electronics Incubator sections. Importantly, this set-up allows us to serve technology-oriented, light industry, light assembly, food production, electronic manufacturing, and computer companies.

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                                    Carbondale Technology Transfer Center |  10 Enterprise Drive, Carbondale, PA 18407  |  (570) 282-1255

How Can Our Business Incubator Help You?

The Carbondale Technology Transfer Center (CTTC), a business incubator located in Carbondale, PA, started by opening a 10,000 square foot facility in 1996.  Since then, we have supported over 50 companies that have been tenants or off-site clients. As a result, well over 100 jobs were created. 

Currently, the CTTC is the only stand alone nonprofit incubator in Northeastern Pennsylvania. We do not receive financial support from any Chamber of Commerce, University, or Economic Development organization, thus we act as a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation.  So, because our non-profit status, our organization operates with a 9 member Board of Directors drawn from the public and private sectors.  You can also use our partner resources to connect with the CTTC and grow your business with us. 

The Carbondale Technology Transfer Center works to develop an Entrepreneurial Outlook by providing Business Incubation Services including facilities & equipment, technical support, business assistance, guided access to financing, and targeted training open to various elements of our Northeastern Pennsylvania community.