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Inspiring New Jobs and New Opportunities
Business Incubator established 1996 located in Carbondale, Pennsylvania

A Local Leader


Established in June of 1996, and expanding operations 2008 and 2015, CTTC is a local leader inspiring and nurturing new and growing businesses and entrepreneurs.

Carbondale Technology Transfer Center

CTTC Entrepreneurship Academy

The Entrepreneurship Academy is a program of the CTTC which strives to develop the next generation of tenants to the incubator.  The program consists of two major components: Entrepreneurial Education and Entrepreneurial Experiences.

 In the Entrepreneurial Education series, local business leaders teach sessions on core business topics that are valuable to Entrepreneurs. In past sessions students have learned about a variety of topics, including start-up funding, marketing, and philanthropy. By cultivating an interest in entrepreneurship in the high school setting, we hope to “plant the seed” that you can create and run your own business based on passion, idea, or talent.

Forest City Students in Entrepreneurship Academy

The things we do best

Kitchen Incubator

Shared-use, licensed commercial kitchen outfitted with state of the art equipment

Light Industry Center

Adaptable industrial space, with access to overhead and loading bay doors

SMT Prototyping Lab

Shared-use, electronic makerspace with equipment for Surface Mounted Technology

Office Assistance

Business and marketing planning assistance, access to office and conference space

The CTTC Mission

The Carbondale Technology Transfer Center works to develop an Entrepreneurial Outlook by providing Business Incubation Services including facilities & equipment, technical support, business assistance, guided access to financing, and targeted training open to various elements of our Northeastern Pennsylvania community.

Carbondale Technology Transfer Center Logo

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