LIGHT INDUSTRY/ LIGHT ASSEMBLY SPACE AVAILABLE NOW! Office Space Also Available Now! Start Your Food Business at the CTTC Kitchen Incubator! Details Below! See 2014 Resource Guide

The Carbondale Technology Transfer Center's mission

is to provide technical support, business assistance, financial resources and appropriate facilities to entrepreneurs, small businesses and light industry/light assembly manufacturers working with technology applications or innovative products or processes.

To see more details on the New CTTC Kitchen Incubator click on Commercial Kitchen Brochure  or Kitchen Equipment List.  If you have suggestions for additional equipment you would like us to make available as you consider applying to become a tenant please e-mail

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The CTTC welcomes applications from companies involved in light industry or light assembly operations. Our facility provides space for both office oriented and production oriented companies. A large overhead door, loading area, 3 phase electric service and reinforced concrete floors are just some of the ways we are prepared to assist your light industry or light assembly company. Click on Join for information on contacting us to see how we can meet your needs.

The CTTC also has resources to assist your home based business to succeed. Whether you need a place to hold a meeting away from the house, secretarial and other support services or use of computer or office equipment, the CTTC can work with you to develop an affordable plan to meet your needs. As an example, use of our conference room can be as little as $5 an hour.  We can even make a temporary office available to you for an hour, a day, a week, a month or more if special projects or other considerations require more privacy than your home affords. We’re also here to help you with the transition out of the house if your business is growing so much its taking over the house or if being at home is letting the house and its needs take over your business. The CTTC requires no long-term lease in order to enable you to take your business to the next stage of growth in your journey to success. Click on Join for information on contacting us to see how we can meet your needs.

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